What are you making? 

Synthetic data. Custom synthetic datasets and simulation scenes for AI training. 

Is synthetic data good enough? Will it be easy to transfer result to real world? 

It can be. Problems related to transfer results from traning on synthetic data to real world called "sim to real gap". We found that domain randomization, use of hybrid data and specialized domains transferring GANs makes it easier to close it. 

What output formats do you support/have plans to support?

Datasets: coco, imagenet
Images: png, jpg
Videos: avi
Annotations: json, txt, protobuffs
3d scenes format: .sdf, .usd, .unity, .mujoco
3d models format: .fbx, .obj, .gltf

Is there an example of what we will get?

Work in progress. Coming soon. 

What simulation/game/rendering engines do you support/have plans to support?

Unreal, Unity, PyBullet, Gazebo, Omniverse, MuJoCo.

Are you developing simulator / simulation engine? 

No. We are not developing new simulation engine. There are plenty already. We are generating simulation scenes (3d playgrounds for your AI agents to play inside) for existing simulators and images/videos datasets.

We already have some data (simulation scenes, models, images). Can you work with what we have and just add variety / quality?


We want to do training with synthetic data, but we aren't sure what do we need (what dataset format, what simulation engine to use). Can you suggest something?

Sure, we can give you one time free consultation. Describe to us your project and we can talk about what will work best for your needs. 

Do we have to talk to you to get a dataset? Is there an API instead? 

We are developing API to automatically generate datasets. 
Currently user facing API is under development, but you can talk to us to describe what you want. 
Current workfow is: you contact us -> we will listen to you and ask questions -> we generate you a small dataset sample (10 images or scenes) -> we hear your feedback and adjust -> repeat until you like your sample -> we generate you full datatset. 

Can you work with custom/proprietary dataset format?

Yes, but cost and length of the project will probably  increase.  

Can you make dataset with custom output data (thermal camera etc)?

Yes, feel free to contact us and describe what you need. 

What is the name of the company means?  

It is reffering to fauvism as an art style. 

In terms of money, we have no money. We are for-profit startup. Can you consider to become our angel investor and provide us with data and support in exchange for equity in out startup? 

It depends. Feel free write us an email. We could join based on our workload, recourses availability, cost and how much we understood what your startup is doing. 

In terms of money, we have no money. We are non-profit project making world a better place. Can you consider to work for free for our project? 

It depends. Feel free write us an email. We could join based on our workload, recourses availability, cost and how is your cause is close to us. 

Is there are restrictions on projects that can use your service? 

Yes, we won't provide our service if it is not aligned with our ethical views or could break OFAC regulations. You can't use our service for projects related to military, human rights violations, civilian surveillance, animals rights violations, ecology harm. Message us when in doubts. 

Are you interested in NFT related projects? 

Currently not, because of NFT's high carbon footprint. Feel free to message us when it changes. 

Will you sign an NDA? 


How you are different from DALL-E and DALL-E 2?  

DALL-E model generates 2d images. We generate labeled and annotated datasets of 2d images and videos and simulation environments. 

How you are different from Unity, Unreal, Blender, Mujoco, Omniverse, PyBullet etc?  

Those are rendering/game/physics simulation engines. You can use it to run simulation. We don't run the simulations. We are generating virtual environments (simulation scenes, digital playgrounds for your robots to play inside) for all these engines to use.  

Can I train AI models with your API?  

No. We are not AutoML service. You can use our API to generate datasets and later use it to train models on it on your own.  

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